Todd “Mitch” Mitchell

Todd Mitchell

Todd “Mitch” Mitchell

bellaRuth studio

Todd grew up in a small community called Mineral Point where he was blessed with a huge family and was one of 11 children. 28 years ago, Todd moved to the Fox Valley area to pursue a career in barbering and cosmetology. It is during that time that the community began to know him as “Mitch the hairstylist.” His background includes education in horticulture, design, music and artistry, and community volunteering. As a child, he grew up in the family business, Mitchell True Value Hardware, and at that time he met the Felly Family of Madison. Both of these families became influential in developing Mitch’s understanding and the need to give back to our communities. The foundation for community awareness and service to mankind contributed to his willingness to actively volunteer for the need of our communities. In 2016, Mitch, with the help of friends in the Neenah community, began a business which is now known as bellaRuth studio. Mitch wishes to thank the Sexual Assault Crisis Center for allowing him the privilege to be a part of the awareness and continued service to mankind.

Pamela Cribbs, Boogie Ballroom

Pamela and her husband, Zeke, are the owners of Boogie Ballroom in Neenah. Pamela attended UW-Madison graduating with a degree in kinesiology. She never expected that to evolve into a life of dancing, but what a surprise it has been! She was introduced to the world of ballroom dancing in Madison where she and Zeke became professional dance partners. Together they competed nationally as rhythm dancers as well as pro-am dancers with their students. Their journey of dance has taught them so much about life and how to overcome obstacles! That has come in handy in her everyday life as they are blessed with 3 little ones that help make every day a unique one! Her children are one reason why Shall We Dance is so important to her. So many lives are changed for the better because of the amazing work that the Sexual Assault Crisis Center does. Pamela truly feels honored to have the opportunity to do a small part in helping them continue to touch the lives of so many people in our community.

Pamela Cribbs