Jesús Gregorio Smith

Jesus Smith, Lawrence University

Jesús Gregorio Smith

Lawrence University

Jesús Gregorio Smith is an Assistant Professor of Ethnic Studies at Lawrence University. A relative newcomer to Appleton, Jesús and his partner Michael Reed moved up to the area in 2017 after he received his PhD in Sociology from Texas A&M University. Since moving here, Jesús has jumped at the opportunity to use his knowledge and resources to support the Appleton community including giving workshops on gendered racism to the American Association of University Women Appleton Branch and on the legal and social construction of race to Imagine Fox Cities. He has also lead discussions on racial education to the African Heritage Emerging Student Leaders Institute, on race and religion for The Annual Lent Series for First Presbyterian Church in Neenah and had presented lectures with local Fox Cities educators on the racial history of U.S. immigration policy on the US/Mexico border during the 2019 Mielke Summer Institute. During the summer of 2020, Jesús organized, with several other queer and Black Appletonians, the Pride Black Lives Matter March in downtown, Appleton. Having done work for Men Can Stop Rape during his undergrad years at University of Texas at El Paso, Jesús feels it is his responsibility to use his masculinity in healthy and positive ways in the fight against sexual assault and violence and thus is honored to be a part of Shall We Dance Fox Cities.

Pamela Cribbs, Boogie Ballroom

Pamela and her husband, Zeke, are the owners of Boogie Ballroom in Neenah. Pamela attended UW-Madison graduating with a degree in kinesiology. She never expected that to evolve into a life of dancing, but what a surprise it has been! She was introduced to the world of ballroom dancing in Madison where she and Zeke became professional dance partners. Together they competed nationally as rhythm dancers as well as pro-am dancers with their students. Their journey of dance has taught them so much about life and how to overcome obstacles! That has come in handy in her everyday life as they are blessed with 3 little ones that help make every day a unique one! Her children are one reason why Shall We Dance is so important to her. So many lives are changed for the better because of the amazing work that the Sexual Assault Crisis Center does. Pamela truly feels honored to have the opportunity to do a small part in helping them continue to touch the lives of so many people in our community.

Pamela Cribbs