Danielle Hart

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Danielle Hart

Hart & Hoffort Real Estate – Coldwell Banker Real Estate Group

Danielle, co-owner of Hart & Hoffort Real Estate with Coldwell Banker, is a realtor who is passionate about helping her clients with their real estate needs in a multitude of ways. Danielle is known for her desire to be the absolute best for her clients, whether that be in finding them a home of their dreams, providing staging and marketing plans to help sell their home at its best value, or even assisting in design choices in a remodel! Outside of her profession, she loves to travel, golf and be outdoors with her three children and husband, Brad. Danielle is thrilled to have the opportunity to participate in Shall We Dance and contribute to the impact that the Sexual Assault Crisis Center is able to have on our community!

AJ Larson, Boogie Ballroom

AJ (also known as Adrian) was born and raised in Madison, WI. As a kid he always loved music, so of course the love of dance wasn’t too far behind. He started taking hip hop classes when he was sixteen and found an entirely different side of dance that he had only seen in movies and videos! He loves that dance has the ability to speak emotion without ever saying a word. Dancing has been such a big outlet for him and his hope is to show people that they too can use dance in a therapeutic way. Nothing brings the positive emotions out of you like dancing does! That is one reason why AJ is so excited to be part of such a wonderful event like Shall We Dance. It’s such an honor to be partnered with community members who are volunteering to help spread the word about such an important cause. It’s even sweeter that he gets to use dancing as a tool to help spread awareness and have a ton of fun along the way!

AJ Larson