Kelly Jansen

Kelly Jansen

Kimberly Area School District

Kelly Jansen is beyond thrilled to be a part of this incredible event. Kelly is a National Board-Certified educator, Assistant to the Principal and fierce student advocate at Kimberly High School. She has served the community as a mentor to countless students and families through her work in Kimberly School District and deeply values the work the Sexual Assault Crisis Center does supporting the area’s youth. Kelly is honored and humbled to be a part of the Fred Astaire Appleton family and hopes her involvement in this event brings comfort to those in need. Kelly dedicates her performance to her two children Eleanor and Alex – may they always be and be surrounded by respectful, positive people who enrich their lives. She is grateful to friends and family for their unwavering support.

Xander Weiss, Fred Astaire Dance Studios

Xander began professionally teaching ballroom dance in 2016. He was approached by Melinda (owner of the Fred Astaire Dance Studios of Appleton) while working as a model for Visual Productions and immediately joined the teacher-training program at Fred Astaire Dance Studios. Xander loves life and having a good time. That, combined with his compassionate and easy-going personality, make for a great teacher. Xander does have a flair for the theatrical and penchant for taking the path less travelled. He and his community dance partner, Kelly, have a goal to make their performance at Shall We Dance as memorable and awesome as possible.

Rehearsal video coming soon!